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I'm Chelsey Borson, a pediatric sleep trainer and I will work to provide you with personalized sleep coaching and support. Give your child the gift of independent sleep!

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About Luna Leaps

I’m Chelsey, your pediatric sleep consultant!

I’m Chelsey Borson, the passionate founder of Luna Leaps! I'm a certified baby sleep coach, and my mission is to help every family struggling with their little one's sleep habits.

As a mother of two kids, one with special needs, I know all too well what sleepless nights can do. I remember spending many nights crying and dreading going to bed, knowing what the night had in store for me.

Sleep deprivation is taxing and it impacts everyone in the family. This struggle motivated me to become a certified sleep consultant and launch Luna Leaps.

I want every sleep-deprived parent to know they're not alone. Luna Leaps is here to provide compassionate guidance and support for their baby's sleeping needs.

I offer personalized sleep training packages filled with strategies that are proven effective – they worked on my little ones and other clients. I want to help as many parents develop their little ones' positive sleep habits and more restful nights for the whole family.

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My Baby Sleep Training Solutions

Uninterrupted sleep for your little one starts here at Luna Leaps. My sleep plans are as unique as your baby's. Thoughtful strategies to develop healthy sleep habits that last all night long.

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Frequent Night Wakings

Nightly wake-up calls every 30 minutes can be exhausting for everybody. Dreamtime can easily turn into a nightmare of sleep interruptions.

a baby holding his teddy bear sleeping beautifully after training

Schedule Transitions

Seeing your baby struggle with sleep changes is heart-wrenching and can leave you feeling helpless. Their little bodies wriggle to find a comfortable spot until they're exhausted.

child sitting up in bed dealing with sleep regressions


Sleep regression can feel like you're starting from square one. Your little one's frequent night wakings are back, and they may also start skipping naps.

child laying in bed taking daytime nap


Pacing naps can be quite tricky. The wrong sleep schedule can make your baby restless and quite cranky and resist sleep.

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Children I Sleep Coach

I coach all young dreamers, from wide-eyed newborns to curious toddlers. Luna Leaps is dedicated to bringing the gift of independent sleep to struggling babies and their families.

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Newborns can be surprisingly resistant come sleep time, even with their limited stamina. Everything is so new to them, and they have yet to develop their day and night rhythm. Even experienced baby sleep consultants find them a special kind of puzzle. But Luna Leaps welcomes these little ones on a case-by-case basis.

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Your baby's growing personality often leads to persistent sleep interruptions. Factors like teething and growth spurts are signs of their changing needs and can affect their previous sleep routine. My strategies will gently align your little one with these developmental milestones. So they can ease into a predictable and peaceful sleep routine.

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Your toddler's curiosity is in overdrive and their newfound independence is antagonizing the situation. Bedtime can become a battleground of wills as they test limits and assert autonomy. Nighttime fears and vivid imaginations can also disrupt their sleep. Luna Leaps understands these unique toddler challenges. My sleep coaching will help your little explorer embrace restful nights as part of their adventures. With my programs, they'll understand sleep is a welcome respite, not a struggle.

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Nighttime wakefulness in children can stem from a vivid fear of the dark or a reluctance to end the day's play. They're also more aware of your family dynamics and other social structures. I'm very familiar with these sleep issues. I have developed gentle and patient strategies that help address their unique challenges. Luna Leaps can help your little one find comfort and confidence in their sleep routine and lessen their stress.

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Ready to improve your baby's sleep?

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Steps To Sleep Well

Luna Leaps make sleep success possible! My 3-step program is a method designed to sleep train babies gently. No "cry-it-out" will ever be involved.

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1. Initial Consultation

I will begin with a simple intake form to understand your situation. The initial information will give me a clear view of your baby's current sleep struggles. Then, a 15-minute consultation will follow where I'll offer some initial advice and explain how we can customize a sleep plan for your baby's unique needs.

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2. Customized Sleep Plan

You'll receive a sleep plan tailored just for your baby after our initial chat. I'll detail a thorough analysis of current sleep issues, our goals for improvement, personalized recommendations for the perfect sleep environment, and a step-by-step plan for both day and night. Plus, I'll include future action steps and tips for troubleshooting.

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3. Sleep Well

Congratulations, your baby just hit a new milestone – better sleep! Your entire family can now look forward to nights filled with bliss, peace, and rest! Enjoy all the benefits that come with a well-rested sleep!

My Packages

Choose the path that best fits your family's unique needs – basic guidance, extended support, or even an in-person visit! Each package has been designed with care and utmost consideration for your baby's needs.

Base Package - $350

Introducing Luna Leaps' Base Package - your ticket to a peaceful and restful night for your baby!


  • personalized recommendations

  • nursery setup guidance

  • customized daily schedule

This package also comes with our troubleshooting guide and one week of text and email support. We will be with you every step of the way.

More Details

Extended Support Package - $495

If you're the kind of parent who wants extra guidance and support for your baby's sleep challenges, the Extended Support Package is specifically crafted for you.

It has all the services included in our Base Package and an extra layer of support to help you overcome more challenging sleep situations.

Enjoy an extra two-week ongoing text and email support where your competent sleep consultant is a few clicks away.

More Details

Overnight Support

At Luna Leaps, we take personalization to the next level with our Overnight Support Package. I will come to your home and spend the night with you and your baby to personally supervise your baby's sleep training.

Unlike our Base Package and Extended Support Package, the Overnight Support offers the unique advantage of having me by your side throughout the night.

This service is priced per individual. Our rates vary based on your individual needs and circumstances.

Discover how our Overnight Support Package can transform your family's sleep routine.

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Facts & Figures

You need to know a couple (or a lot) of facts when it comes to your baby's sleep. These little pockets of knowledge could mean the difference to your baby's frequent sleep interruptions.

Sleep Needs: Newborns typically sleep for about 14-17 hours a day, while older babies (4-12 months) need about 12-16 hours of sleep. Toddlers (1-2 years) generally require 11-14 hours, and preschoolers (3-5 years) need about 10-13 hours of sleep.



Do I have to live in Los Angeles to work with you?

Absolutely not! While I am are based in Los Angeles, Luna Leaps is able to serve anyone virtually, regardless of location.

How long does sleep training take?

Sleep training takes 1-2 weeks on average, but it can vary from baby to baby. Various factors can impact the training including:

  • your baby’s age

  • temperament

  • and the sleep challenges you are addressing.

While some babies may respond quickly and show improvement within a few nights, others may take longer to adjust to new sleep routines.

Will I be asked to let my baby cry it out? Will there be any tears?

Luna Leaps only offers gentle sleep training methods that are proven effective. As a parent of a child with special needs, the thought of leaving a vulnerable baby alone breaks my heart. I prefer using alternatives that promote independent sleep habits.

Please note that some babies may experience some tears during the initial process. But we also make sure to minimize stress as much as possible through gentle transitions. We prioritize your baby's emotional well-being and provide guidance on how to respond to their needs during this process.

What are questions to ask certified a baby sleep consultant before hiring them?

Asking will help you gather important information about the baby sleep coach. These questions will tell you about their approach, experience, ongoing support, and reputation.

  1. What is your approach to sleep training? Asking this question will help you understand the sleep consultant's philosophy and methods align with your parenting style.

  2. What is your experience and training in sleep consulting? Inquiring about the sleep consultant's experience and training will give you confidence in their expertise. Look for certifications or qualifications that demonstrate their knowledge in the field.

  3. What age range of babies have you worked with? It's essential to know if the sleep coach has experience working with babies in the same age range as your child.

  4. What ongoing support do you provide throughout the sleep training process? Knowing the level of support during and after the sleep training process is crucial for your peace of mind.

  5. Can you provide references or testimonials from previous clients? Requesting references or testimonials allows you to hear about other families' experiences working with the sleep consultant.

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