2 Month Old Sleep Schedule

Last Updated on May 25, 2023

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Those early days with a newborn are a mix of joy and exhaustion. You're up at odd hours trying to figure out your baby's sleep cues. Just when you thought you've finally cracked the code to your 1-month-old's sleep, they hit the 2-month mark and it feels like you're back at the beginning. If you're feeling this way, you're not the only one.

At Luna Leaps, under the expert guidance of certified baby sleep coach Chelsey Borson, we understand your newborn's world is expanding. Things are starting to change as they reach new milestones, and it's affecting their sleep pattern once more.

For tailored advice specific to your 2-month-old sleep schedule and your family's philosophy, don't hesitate to get in touch with us! Our team is always here to give you clear steps to help both you and your baby rest better.

What is a Sample 2 Month Old Sleep Schedule?

At two months, your baby's sleep habits start to evolve. This marks a transition from the erratic sleep cycles of a newborn to more predictable rhythms.

You can use the sample we've provided to help you understand the new changes in your 2-month-old's sleeping habits. You can also use it to help get them back on track and move toward a more consistent schedule.

Here's a sample Sleep Schedule for 2 month olds:

2 month old sleep schedule
7:00 AMWake up and diaper change
7:15 AM - 8:00 AMMorning feeding and bonding time
8:00 AM - 9:00 AMAwake time: Engage in gentle play and exploration
9:00 AM - 9:30 AMNaptime
9:30 AM - 11:30 AMAwake time: Interact with your baby
11:30 AM - 12:00 PMFeeding and burping
12:00 PM - 1:30 PMNaptime
1:30 PM - 3:30 PMAwake time: Engage in sensory activities
3:30 PM - 4:00 PMFeeding and diaper change
4:00 PM - 5:00 PMNaptime
5:00 PM - 6:30 PMAwake time: Enjoy cuddles
6:30 PM - 7:00 PMEvening feeding and winding down
7:00 PM - 7:30 PMBedtime routine: Bath, lullabies, and dimming lights
7:30 PMSleep
Throughout the nightNighttime feedings and diaper changes as needed
Sample 2 Month Old Sleep Schedule with Naps and Wake Windows

At this age, your newborn will typically experience significant growth and developmental milestones. Their new discoveries will impact their curiosity about the world around them and influence their sleep patterns.

Your baby will also start to differentiate between day and night. This signals the beginnings of a more structured sleep. Consistency plays a huge part when it comes to creating healthy sleep habits.

Your baby might also experience the "witching hour". This usually happens from late afternoon to late evening and is very typical for two-month-olds. Your little bundle becomes fussier and harder to soothe.

Although it's common for 2-month-olds to still have night feedings, some babies might surprise you with longer stretches of sleep. They can sometimes up to 4-6 hours.

What are Wake Windows for a 2 Month Old?

Wake windows are integral to understanding your baby's sleep schedule. They represent the intervals your 2-month-old stays awake between naps. This time isn't just about feedings or diaper changes; it's a pivotal period for bonding, play, and development.

For a 2-month-old, these wake windows typically span from 45 minutes to a tad over an hour. It's a testament to their increasing stamina, even if it feels fleeting. During this time, your baby absorbs a myriad of new experiences, setting the foundation for their growing curiosity.

Although it's a short period, it's enough to feed, change diapers, and a sprinkle of baby play. Once your baby finishes their meal, there's a golden window for some engagement before they show signs of wanting to fall asleep.

Recognizing and respecting these wake windows is crucial. Why? Because overstretching them can lead to an over-tired baby. When a baby wakes and stays up beyond their comfortable window, falling asleep and staying asleep becomes a challenge.

Wake windows aren't just time markers—they're the rhythm of your baby's day. Following them establishes a consistent sleep schedule. It ensures that each time your baby wakes, they're on a path to better sleep and a more contented disposition.

What is a Nap Schedule 2 Month Old?

A nap schedule for a 2-month-old may not be set in stone, but it's best to have a gentle guideline to follow.

At this tender age, your baby typically needs several naps throughout the day. These naps can range from short dozes of 20 minutes to longer stretches of up to 2 hours.

Most 2-month-olds will need around 4 to 5 naps a day. This frequent napping isn't just about rest; it's about brain development and processing the new skills they're rapidly acquiring.

The key to a successful nap schedule is flexibility and observation. Start by noticing when your baby shows signs of sleepiness:

  • rubbing eyes

  • yawning

  • or fussiness.

These cues are your baby's way of saying, "It's nap time!" Put them down for a nap when they first show these signs to prevent overtiredness. Taking quick action makes the whole napping process smoother.

A common daytime pattern might look like a morning nap, a midday nap, an afternoon nap, and a short evening nap.

However, every baby is different. Some might need more or fewer naps. It's okay if your baby's nap schedule doesn't match a textbook example. What's important is finding a rhythm that works for your baby and your family.

To ensure flexibility around your baby's sleep training, reach out to a certified baby sleep coach for a consultation.

2 Month Old Baby Sleep Schedule FAQ

See what other parents ask about their 2-month-old's sleep schedule and needs. Let's clear up some common questions when it comes to sleep training!

Can My 2 Month Old Baby Sleep Through the Night?

Every bleary-eyed parent wonders, "Will tonight be the night?"

At 2 months, your little one still needs those middle-of-the-night feeds. Growth spurts or hitting those early milestones can throw a wrench in their snoozing.

Every baby's sleep pattern is as unique as their little personalities. Some may bless us with longer zzz's, while others just want that extra cuddle or feed. No matter the pattern, our main job is to ensure they're fed, cozy, and feeling loved during these early months.

What are 2 Month Old Sleeping Cues?

list of common baby sleep cues

Picking up on your 2-month-old's sleeping cues doesn't have to feel like unlocking a secret code. Most babies show clear signs when they're ready to drift off.

Watch for yawning, rubbing eyes, or a sudden calmness. As parents, tuning into these cues can make the bedtime routine smoother.

Remember, newborn sleep patterns vary widely. Sleep schedules are an immense help. But staying attuned to your little one's signals is key to adjusting to these early months of challenging sleep.

If you're unsure or need some help to sleep train your baby, Luna Leaps can help!

Ways to Get My 2 Month Old to Fall Asleep

Ensuring a good night's rest for your 2-month-old can feel challenging. Tapping into sleep tips tailored for this age can make a difference. First, recognize your baby's wake windows to prevent over-tiredness.

Introducing a consistent bedtime routine, even if it's just a lullaby or gentle rocking, signals to your little one that it's time to rest. Remember, every 2-month-old sleep pattern varies. Have patience and adjust strategies as needed. With attention and care, your baby's bedtime routine can become a more peaceful experience.

How Much Daily Nighttime Sleep Should a 2 Month Old Have?

For most parents, understanding how much sleep their 2-month-old needs is vital. On average, babies at this age sleep around 14-17 hours in a 24-hour period, but this can vary.

While daytime sleep is broken into multiple naps, nighttime slumbers tend to be longer. Still, the total sleep in 24 hours, including naps, should be around 15.5 hours on average.

It's essential to note that the awake time between these sleep sessions is brief. Every baby is different, so observing your child's patterns will guide you best.

When is Bedtime for a 2 Month Old?

Determining the right bedtime for your 2-month-old can help them sleep longer and better.
Generally, infant sleep patterns at this age mean bedtimes can vary. It's often guided by the baby's internal clock, which is still developing.

Some babies may have later bedtimes, around 9:00 PM or after. Yet, as their internal clock matures, this time often shifts earlier. Observing your baby's cues and maintaining a consistent routine will encourage better night sleep.

You can also consult with Luna Leaps to help you transition your baby into an earlier sleep schedule.

Is There Sleep Regression at 2 Month Old?

At 2 months, it's not common to see a true sleep regression, though sleep challenges may certainly creep up. While your baby sleeps in varying patterns, their sleep foundation at this age is still forming. Most 2-month-olds are just starting to develop a more predictable sleep routine. If you notice changes, it's likely due to growth or developmental leaps rather than a true regression.

Can My 2 Month Old Sleep with a Pacifier?

Pacifiers provide a soothing effect that can help most babies relax and fall asleep more easily.

With this being said, it's important to consider potential factors as well! Some babies may become dependent on these pacifiers for sleep as a sleep prop, which can lead to sleep difficulties or struggles when trying to wean them off later on.

Ultimately, the decision is up to you, as you know what your child needs best.

Can I Swaddle My 2 Month Old?

Swaddling can be comforting for your 2-month-old because it mimics the snug feeling of the womb.

However, it's essential to ensure your baby is swaddled safely and isn't showing signs of rolling over. The AAP suggests transitioning out of the swaddle once your baby starts to roll. Always check with an expert about when and how to swaddle, ensuring your little one sleeps safely and soundly.

What Should My 2 Month Old Wear to Bed?

When dressing a newborn for sleep, prioritize their comfort and safety. Opt for soft, breathable fabrics like cotton to help regulate their body temperature. Dress your baby in a onesie or a sleep sack to keep them cozy. Avoid loose blankets as they are a suffocation hazard.

Can Luna Leaps Help with My 2 Month Old's Sleep Routine?

Parenting a newborn can be challenging, especially when it's time for sleep!

This is the purpose of Luna Leaps. Our team of expert baby sleep consultants is dedicated to supporting you during this crucial stage of parenthood.

Establishing a consistent sleep routine, understanding your baby's tiredness cues, and creating a calming sleep environment can promote healthy sleep habits in your child.

Luna Leaps provides personalized guidance for your baby's specific sleep needs. We will ensure that you receive support throughout the process.

Don't struggle alone. Contact Luna Leaps today and let us help you and your 2-month-old achieve restful nights and peaceful sleep. Together, we can make this journey a little easier and ensure a happier, well-rested baby.

chelsey borson baby sleep consultant

Chelsey Borson

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