8 Month Old Sleep Schedule

Last Updated on May 29, 2023

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Your baby's sleep is changing as much as they are at 8 months. Each day brings new skills like crawling or standing, and you'll hear their babbling evolve into real words. These milestones are heartwarming, but they can also mix up your 8-month-old's sleep schedules.

During this time, how much sleep your baby gets might shift. Some babies at this age sleep through the night, while others may wake up more. That's why I've created a sample sleep schedule for 8-month-olds to help give you some guidance.

Every child's sleep journey is unique, so consider this schedule a helpful guide. If you're seeking a personalized plan for your little one's sleep, Luna Leaps is ready to assist, so contact us today! We're dedicated to supporting you with the right advice and care.

What is a Sample 8 Month Old Sleep Schedule?

Your 8-month-old baby's curiosity is driven forward by their ability to move around. The need for a structured sleep schedule provides much-needed support for their day.

My sample 8 month old sleep schedule looks like this.

8 month old sleep schedule
7:00 AMWake up and diaper change
7:30 amBreakfast
8:30 am - 10:00 amMorning nap
10:30 amSnack time
12:00 pmLunch
1:30 pm - 3:00 pmAfternoon nap
3:30 pmSnack time
5:30 pmDinner
6:30 pm - 7:00 pmBedtime routine (bath, storytime, etc.)
7:00 pmBedtime
Sample 8 Month Old Sleep Schedule with Naps and Wake Windows

This should help guide your expectations when it comes to your little one's daily routine.

Their morning begins at 7:00 am with a wake-up that sets the tone for the day. This will be followed by milk and breakfast.

Next, a baby can settle for their morning nap around 9:30 am when playtime wraps up. This is a crucial part of your baby's daytime sleep that supports their rapidly developing brain.

The afternoon is dotted with new experiences until the next nap around 2:00 pm. An afternoon nap lets babies sleep and recharge from the excitement and learning of the morning.

Evening is a time for winding down. Dinner at 5:30 pm transitions into a calming bedtime routine by 6:30 pm and prepares your little one to fall asleep.

By 7:00 pm, bedtime calls, inviting your baby to fall asleep peacefully.

This routine will help enhance your child's sleep by balancing active wake windows with naps and nighttime rest. This will teach them to embrace healthy sleep habits and rest as much as play.

This guide should also help you to navigate smoothly through any sleep regressions that may pop up around this time.

What are Wake Windows for a 8 Month Old?

Wake windows are the periods of awake time between naps for infants.

Understanding wake windows is key to nurturing your 8-month-old's development. Their first wake window is a gentle introduction to a day filled with growth and exploration, leading up to their first nap. This active time is an essential part of helping your baby fall asleep contentedly.

A longer wake window awaits after a post-morning nap. They’re ready for another engaging stretch after their afternoon nap. This is when most babies love to explore and practice new skills.

By 6:30 or 7 pm, they're ready for a smooth transition to their bedtime routine.

What is a Nap Schedule 8 Month Old?

Your 8-month-old's nap schedule balances rest with their newfound energy and curiosity.

It will generally look a little something like this:

Morning Nap: Your baby heads into their first nap around 9:30 am. This nap is a retreat following a couple of hours of morning baby play and interaction. It's an ideal duration for them to recharge and usually lasts about 1 to 2 hours.

Afternoon Nap: Post the morning's adventures and lunch, your little one is ready for their second nap at 2:00 pm. This midday nap is essential for processing the morning's activities and supports their cognitive and physical development. Again, this nap typically spans 1 to 2 hours, providing rest to sustain them through the afternoon.

Many babies at 8 months are transitioning to two longer naps from the earlier three-nap routine. This shift reflects their growing ability to stay awake for longer periods.

Research suggests that consolidating sleep into fewer, longer naps is beneficial for babies’ overall sleep quality and nighttime sleep consolidation.

8 Month Old Baby Sleep Schedule FAQ

Find out what other parents are asking about their 8-month-old's sleep schedule!

How many naps should my 8-month-old take during the day?

Most 8-month-old babies can thrive with two naps per day, eliminating the need for a third nap. This typically includes a mid-morning nap and an early afternoon nap.

What are the ideal nap durations for an 8-month-old?

The ideal nap durations usually range from 1 to 2 hours for an 8-month-old. Generally, babies sleep for a total of 3 hours during the day. No nap should exceed 2 hours.

These naps are essential for your baby's development by bringing restorative rest that supports their growth and learning.

If you notice your baby's naps are consistently shorter or they stay awake longer, it might be time to look at their overall sleep routine.

How long should my baby stay awake between naps at 8 months?

Your baby’s awake time between naps typically ranges from 2.5 to 3.5 hours. This period is crucial for their total sleep cycle and allows enough sleep pressure to build so baby is tired again before sleep.

Balancing awake time ensures they're getting the right amount of stimulation and rest. Remember, too little or too much awake time can impact their overall sleep quality.

What is a typical bedtime for an 8-month-old?

A typical bedtime for an 8-month-old often aligns with their overall daily routine.

Ideally, if their last nap ends by late afternoon, an earlier bedtime around 7:00 to 7:30 pm is often effective. This timing helps in gradually phasing out night feedings and encourages a full night's rest.

How can I establish a consistent sleep schedule for my 8-month-old?

Setting up a consistent sleep schedule for your 8-month-old can make a big difference. Here’s a simple way to do it:

  • Stick to regular times for waking up and going to bed. This helps your baby understand when it’s time to sleep and wake.

  • Aim for two naps each day, one in the mid-morning and another in the early afternoon. Watch out for your baby's sleep cues.

  • Create a relaxing routine about 30 minutes before bedtime to help your baby settle down at night. This could include a warm bath, some gentle cuddles, and a quiet story.

  • Keep their sleeping area calm, dark, and cozy.

And remember, if you're finding it tricky or your baby isn’t quite taking to the schedule, don't hesitate to ask for some expert advice from a certified pediatric sleep consultant to get things on track.

What are some signs that my baby is ready to drop a nap at 8 months?

Your 8-month-old baby may start showing they’re ready to drop a nap.

Keep an eye out for little signs:

  • Maybe they're not as keen on their usual third nap, or they seem more interested in playing than sleeping during naptime.

  • Being able to stay awake longer without getting grumpy or having trouble settling down for naps.

  • If they start sleeping more soundly and longer at night, it’s a good indication they might need less daytime sleep.

Remember, every baby is different – watch their daily mood and energy to understand what’s best for them.

How can I transition my 8-month-old from three naps to two?

Transitioning your 8-month-old from three naps to two involves a gradual approach.

Start by extending the wake windows, especially in the morning. This might mean engaging your baby in a bit more playtime or activities post-breakfast.

Then, slowly delay the morning nap, so it becomes the first of the two main naps. As this nap gets later, the need for a third late-afternoon nap will naturally decrease.

The second nap shouldn't be too late in the day to avoid disrupting bedtime.

What can I do if my 8-month-old is resisting their nap times?

If your 8-month-old is resisting nap times, review their sleep schedule. Ensure their wake windows are appropriate – not too long to cause overtiredness or too short to make them unready for sleep. If they're still on a three-nap schedule, they may be ready to transition to two naps.

Some other tips include:

  • Offer a consistent pre-nap routine to signal it's time to wind down, like a quiet story or a cuddle session.

  • Check the sleep environment: is it calm, dark, and comfortable? Sometimes slight adjustments there can make a big difference.

  • Also, consider if they’re going through a developmental leap or teething that can temporarily disrupt sleep patterns. Sleep regression is not uncommon around 8 months.

Should I wake my 8-month-old from naps to preserve their bedtime routine?

It's generally best not to wake your 8-month-old from naps, as adequate daytime sleep is vital for their development.

However, a gentle awakening might be necessary if a nap runs too late and risks disrupting the bedtime routine.

Aim for a balance that ensures they get enough rest during the day while still feeling sleepy at bedtime.

How can I help my 8-month-old sleep through the night without frequent wake-ups?

There are a few things you can do to help your baby move toward longer stretches of sleep at night. Some of our tips are:

  • Establish a consistent and predictable bedtime routine. This helps signal to baby that it's time for sleep.

  • Ensure they're getting enough activity and engagement during the day so they're tired.

  • Make sure their sleeping environment is conducive to restful sleep – quiet, dark, and comfortable.

  • Consider gradually phasing out nighttime feedings if they’re still happening. We strongly suggest seeking the "ok" from your pediatrician first.

  • If your baby wakes up, give them a moment to self-soothe before intervening. Using sleep training techniques will also help your child cope with separation anxiety if that's something they are struggling with.

Can Luna Leaps Help with My 8 Month Old's Sleep Routine?

Yes! Luna Leaps has been helping babies and parents achieve the gift of restorative sleep with great success.

As baby sleep consultants, our approach is tailored to your baby's specific needs by considering their daily activities, overall health, and your family's lifestyle.

We offer personalized strategies and support to establish a sleep routine that promotes restful nights and happy days for your baby.

Don't let sleepless nights be the norm – reach out to us and together, we can create a sleep plan that works for your family. Contact us today for a consultation!

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