20 Month Old Sleep Schedule

Last Updated on July 6, 2023

chelsey borson baby sleep consultant
Chelsey Borson
Certified Baby Sleep Consultant
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Looking to create a smooth sleep schedule for your energetic 20-month-old? Luna Leaps has your back! We understand that navigating toddler sleep can be quite the adventure, but fear not—we're here to guide you every step of the way.

In this blog post, we'll dive into the ins and outs of a 20-month-old sleep schedule, sharing valuable insights and tips that will help your little one snooze like a champ.

What is a Sample 20 Month Old Sleep Schedule?

Establishing a consistent sleep schedule is important for your 20-month-old's overall well-being. Here's a sample sleep schedule that can serve as a helpful guide, keeping in mind that every child is unique and you can tailor it to suit your child's specific needs.

Remember, flexibility is key, and it's important to listen to your child's sleep cues. If they need more or less sleep, adjust the schedule accordingly. Observing their behavior and mood can help you determine if any modifications are necessary.

Here's a sample 20 month old sleep schedule:

sample 20 month old sleep schedule by luna leaps
7:00 AMWake up
12:30 PMNaptime
2:30 PMWake up from nap
7:00PMBegin wind-down routine
8:00 PMBedtime
Sample 20 Month Old Sleep Schedule with Naps and Wake Windows

What are Wake Windows for a 20 Month Old?

Wake windows play a significant role in your 20-month-old's sleep schedule. They refer to the amount of time your child can comfortably stay awake before needing to rest again.

At this age, most 20-month-olds have wake windows ranging from 5 to 6 hours. However, it's important to remember that every child is different, so observing your little one's cues is crucial.

During these wake windows, engage your child in age-appropriate activities and keep an eye out for signs of tiredness, like rubbing their eyes, becoming irritable, or yawning. These signs may indicate that it's time for your little one to head to bed soon.

What is a Nap Schedule 20 Month Old?

Many parents often wonder how many naps and how much daytime sleep their toddler should be getting. By the time your little one reaches 20 months old, their nap schedule typically consists of one solid afternoon nap.

Most 20-month-olds thrive with a nap that lasts around 1.5 to 2.5 hours. Aim to schedule their nap time in the early afternoon, around 12:30 PM or 1 PM, to align with their natural sleep rhythms.

A consistent and predictable nap schedule can help your child recharge and maintain good daytime energy levels. However, keep in mind that every child is different, and some may still benefit from a shorter morning nap in addition to the afternoon nap.

20 Month Old Baby Sleep Schedule & Sleep Training FAQ

Got questions about your 20-month-old's sleep schedule? We've got you covered! In this section, we'll tackle some common FAQs to help you navigate your little one's sleep routine.

How many hours of sleep does my 20-month-old need in a day?

On average, a 20-month-old needs about 11 to 14 hours of total sleep in a 24-hour period. This includes both nighttime sleep and daytime naps. However, every child is different, and individual sleep needs can vary. If your child seems well-rested, has a good mood, and is generally meeting developmental milestones, then they're likely getting the right amount of sleep.

Should my 20-month-old still be taking two naps or transitioning to one nap?

At around 20 months, many children begin transitioning from two naps to one nap per day if they haven't made that transition already. However, the timing can vary for each child. Signs that your little one may be ready for the transition include consistently fighting the second nap or having difficulty falling asleep at bedtime.

Watch for signs of tiredness and adjust their schedule accordingly. If your child still seems to need two naps and is well-rested, there's no rush to transition.

What can I do if my 20-month-old is resisting bedtime?

If your 20-month-old is resisting bedtime, try creating a consistent and soothing routine to signal that it's time for sleep. Establish calming activities like reading books or taking a bath before bed. Ensure the sleep environment is comfortable, quiet, and dark.

If your child protests, offer reassurance and gentle comfort, but avoid engaging in prolonged play or stimulation. Stay consistent with the routine and provide a sense of security and comfort. If bedtime battles persist, consider consulting with a pediatric sleep expert!

How can I establish a consistent sleep routine for my 20-month-old?

To establish a consistent sleep routine for your 20-month-old, start by setting a regular bedtime and wake-up time. Create a calming routine leading up to bedtime, such as reading a story or having a warm bath. Make the sleep environment comfortable and soothing, with dim lights and white noise if needed. Be consistent with the routine and follow it every night.

If your child needs reassurance, offer gentle comfort but encourage them to fall asleep independently. Consistency is key, so stick to the routine even on weekends. With time, your little one will learn to associate the routine with sleep and develop healthy sleep habits.

Is it normal for my 20-month-old to experience sleep regressions?

Yes, it's common for 20-month-olds to experience sleep regressions. A sleep regression can be triggered by developmental milestones, teething, illness, or changes in routine. During these times, your child's sleep patterns may become disrupted, resulting in more frequent night awakenings or difficulties falling asleep.

While sleep regressions can be challenging, they are usually temporary. Stick to your established sleep routine, offer comfort and reassurance, and be patient.

Should I wake my 20-month-old from naps to preserve bedtime?

Waking your 20-month-old from naps to preserve bedtime depends on your child's sleep needs and schedule. When running on a 1 nap schedule, we want to avoid having the nap go past 3 hours. If your little one is still snoozing at the 3 hour mark, gently wake them.

Additionally, if your child takes long naps and it starts to interfere with their bedtime, you might consider gently waking them up to ensure they're tired enough to sleep at night.

How can I handle nighttime awakenings and help my child fall back asleep?

When your toddler wakes up at night, it's important to remain calm. Go to your child's room and offer gentle comfort, such as patting their back or speaking softly. Avoid turning on bright lights or engaging in stimulating activities. Interactions should be fairly brief and not prolonged. Encourage them to self-soothe and fall back asleep independently.

What are some signs that my 20-month-old may be overtired?

Signs that your 20-month-old may be overtired or fighting sleep include crankiness, irritability, increased clinginess, difficulty settling down for naps or bedtime, and frequent night awakenings. They may also exhibit hyperactive behavior or have trouble focusing. Watch for these cues throughout the day and consider adjusting their sleep schedule to ensure they're getting enough rest.

Can I sleep train my 20-month-old, and if so, how?

Yes, you can absolutely sleep train your 20-month-old! Start by establishing a consistent bedtime routine and creating a soothing sleep environment. Gradually teach your child to fall asleep independently by placing them in their crib while drowsy but still awake.

Offer reassurance and gradually increase the amount of time between check-ins. It's important to remain consistent and patient throughout the process. Choose a sleep training method that aligns with your parenting style and be prepared for some resistance or protest (i.e crying).

What can I do if my 20-month-old's sleep schedule is disrupted by travel or changes in routine?

When your 20-month-old's sleep schedule is disrupted by travel or changes in routine, try to maintain some consistency by following a modified version of their regular sleep routine. Bring familiar items like their favorite blanket or stuffed animal to create a sense of comfort. Stick to their usual bedtime and wake-up time as much as possible. Provide a calm sleep environment, even in unfamiliar surroundings.

Can Luna Leaps Help with My 20 Month Old's Sleep Routine?

Absolutely! Luna Leaps can definitely help with your 20-month-old's sleep schedule. Our team specializes in pediatric sleep and has experience in guiding parents through various sleep challenges. We understand the unique needs and behaviors of toddlers, and we provide personalized support and strategies to establish healthy sleep habits.

Whether you're looking to address bedtime battles, nap transitions, or nighttime wakings, Luna Leaps is here to offer guidance, tips, and reassurance along the way. Contact me today!

chelsey borson baby sleep consultant

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